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Micro Beads Silicone Lined


Micro Beads Silicone Lined - Medium Beads / Black / 1k Beads is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Suggested for our Veila Pull Thru Hair Extension Attachment:

Size Suggested    Larger Beads For Larger Hair Section 2.5” Width
                            Smaller Beads For Small Hair Section 1.25” Width

medium size beads are for the large 2.5" wide section & the small beads are recommended for the small 1.25" sections

Silicone beads are actually made of aluminum, a soft metal. Their name comes from the supple silicone coating that’s inside the beads, which lends them a smooth and soft hold that won’t fade or rust.

Gentle and versatile
Silicone beads have a gentle hold that’s ideal for any hair type, when installed correctly.

Silicone beads feature all the standard I-Link traits like strand-by-strand, a secure hold, and a full range of motion, ideal for any hairstyle.

The soft silicone lining makes Silicone beads safe and secure, for a strong hold with
minimal slippage, when installed correctly.