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C#1B/4 Keratin Curly Indian Temple Hair 22" L 100 strand pack


Rooted 1B/4 natural root/warm brown ends

Loose curly hair from the temples of India, unprocessed and best for those with curly hair, and to change the texture of your client's hair.  The hair can be blown out easily, adding extra body to the hair.  It blends well with natural hair texture and is activated when washed, use of curl activator solutions, and diffusing. 1 pack of 100 grams offers both length and volume for most hair.  The best price is offered in our 100-strand pack

Pack:  100 strands/100 grams 

Strand weight:  1 gram

Length:  22" with tapered ends for a natural appearance,

Curly hair from Asia loses the curl pattern quickly, while this modifying hair's curl pattern is reusable.  Re-tip after 4 to 6 months, or replace with new hair extensions.  ISO certified for the best quality control, ensuring high standard hair.  Sold in 100-gram packs which equal 100 strands in total.  

This natural hair has tapered ends, as the natural hair grows, and derives ethically from one person.