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Frequently Asked Questions & Design


Why stylists + clients LOVE the Secret Veil technique?

Veila Hair Extensions
  • Customization – The Secret Veil can be installed using any type or brand of wefted hair extensions!
  • Professionals Only – The Secret Veil certification is available only to licensed stylists and salons!
  • Damage-Free – The attachments use very little natural hair and avoid tension and breakage!
Veila Hair Extensions
  • Safe Zone – The attachments provide a safe amount of weight distribution (proper amount of natural hair in each attachment)!
  • No Visible Attachments – Put your hair up or down without seeing any attachments!
  • No Contact – 99% of the attachments do not come into contact with the scalp whatsoever!
  • No Adhesives – Secret Veil uses no glues, keratin, tape or even threads!
  • Slippage-Free – Our intricate installation technique ensures no slippage occurs!
  • Quick Maintenance – Readjustment appointments are super quick – 15 – 20 minutes on average!
  • No BULK – The only hair extension method that feels lightweight and just like natural hair!
  • Freedom – You can now brush / wash / straighten right down to the scalp without snagging or damaging your hair extensions!
  •  Created on a skin weft with innovative design that blends into natural hair.