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Veila Hair Extension Education

Veila Hair Extension Education


Veila Hair Extension Education

As salon specializing in every type of hair extensions available, we finally found the perfect hair extension, on without glue, tape, sewing.  Many clients complain that removing all types of hair extensions can cause damage to their own hair, especially if it fragile!   Veila Hair Pull-Thru Extensions are offered in various sizes and are a cross between all types of hair extensions, utilizing the benefit of each one such as hand tied hair, tape hair & individual Strands. (Watch Below Video).  Gentle on your clients' hair, ease of application, removal/replacement! Super secure.



Virtual Training & In Person Training Near Georgia 

Will Travel To Surrounding Hair Salons For Group Training

Tools & Practice Hair Available!

Leanna Langford & her staff are not only experienced stylists,'  they have extensive resume of training other stylists' particularly in our new Veila Pull Thru Method.  Tips & tricks will help you to create the perfect extension experience for your client & the ease of application will be most beneficial to you.  A variety of training & discounts are available to single stylist salons as well as larger salons.


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Veila Hair Extension Training



In Person training at Noelle Salon (the method creator) of 347 Pleasant St., Malden, MA 02148.  Please email for details.

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