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IBalayage 6/61 Pull-Thru Injected Hair Mimics Natural Hair Root Virgin Hair (50 gram pack)


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Pull-Thru Injected Hair Mimics Natural Hair Root Virgin Hair (50 gram packs)

Color Rooted Neutral Top Transition to Lightest Blonde

4 pieces at 2.75" width x 20" Length

1 pack for thin hair

2 packs for medium to thick hair


Veila combines the speed of Tape Hair with the clean application of rings. The 3.75"  wide strips open up to encapsulate the rings inside, and together with the injection strip top which mimics the hair root growth, discreet best for fine to medium hair density

The advantage comes at the maintenance appointment where they are opened up, rings removed and the complete extension pulls away from the client's hair quickly, with no tape, thread, or glue. They can be re-applied instantly, reducing a client's time in the chair, and allowing stylists to work more efficiently.

 Hair Extensions are produced using the highest quality 100% Russian Mongolian virgin (one-donor) hair. Hair is specifically designed to be discreet in your own natural hair with the injection process mimicking the root and hair growth.

 Product info:

  • 20" length
  • 4 pieces per pack for 50 grams in total
  • 2.75" width 
  • Recommended ring 3.5mm Silicone rings.
  • virgin hair
  • Double Drawn
  • The quick and easy application process
  • 12+ Month Estimated Lifespan (using correct & recommended aftercare)