Only Professionals

#1Jet Black (New Pull Thru Design) 100 gram pack


10 pcs. of 2.75"W x 22"L virgin hair that can be cut down to less than 3/4" for customization

What You Get & How To Apply

A new design that is better than any method of extensions no tension & damage.  No Tape, Glue, Sewing or Messy Removal

Purchase Suggestions For A Full Set Of Volume & Length

1 to 2 packs for Thin to Medium Hair

2 to 3 packs for Medium to Semi Thick Hair

3 to 4 packs for Thick Hair

.  The packages are designed for full customization

.  Length is 22" which is down to the waist for average-height clients

.  The texture is natural and has a subtle wave when wet, and can be curled or flat ironed.

.  High-quality hair can be reused for up to 1 year

with proper maintenance & at home care. 

What Makes Us Different:

.  Made with flexible material to contour the head

.  Lightweight & invisible

. Simple attachment & fast removal no sticky tacky residue

. 90% more secure than other extension methods.  No slipping or twisting