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Best Hair Extensions That Help With Hair Loss

Best Hair Extensions That Help With Hair Loss

When first experiencing hair loss, due to a myriad of reasons from Trichotillomania, Alopecia, and Female Pattern Genetic Loss, your first instinct may be how to look and feel better.  If you have a client that visits you for the above hair loss issues, you may also start investigating how to help cover, fill-in give your client more hair.  Hair Loss at the top of the head can be handled with an expertly applied "hair topper," which will certainly address the top of the head, but many are suffering with diffuse hair loss (hair loss all over the head).  It is not unusual for them to have uneven ends of the hair, sparse hair follicles, and bald patches.  A hair topper may not be the solution for this type of hair loss, but conventional hair extensions methods, i.e. tape extensions, sew-in hair or keratin bonds can be too strong or add too much pressure to compromised hair follicles. Hence, Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions were invented with the prime intent to keep natural hair healthy.  

We later began to use the pull-thru method on client's with hair loss and compromised hair follicles, over-time, we discovered the extensions not only gave our client's a natural aesthetic look but helped to keep their own hair healthy.  What we also discovered is that our client's with "trichotillomania," did not pull on the areas where our extensions were applied, allowing for more hair growth.  Our goal is to keep our client's hair healthy!

It is extremely important to learn all types of hair extensions, but when working with hair loss, the Veila method is by far the most natural looking and safest.  

Our new packaging contain 100 grams of hair; 10 pieces of 3.75" wide x 22" long hair.  Each section can be cut down as small as 3/4" in width which allows for full customization. 

We have three options in learning our hair extensions

1)  In-person at our Boston location or we will travel to you if you book 5 or more stylist training.

2)  Zoom Training on specific dates, generally Monday's and some Wednesday's.

3)  Purchasing a 2.5 hour training video.

We also train in other methods of hair extensions; keratin individual strands, tape and hand-tied hair extensions.  We have all proper tools; pliers, removal tools, crochet hooks and hair swatches.

We can not stress enough the importance of training and learning new modern hair extension techniques.  As our industry expands, learning "niche" services, such as hair loss is the perfect way to expand your clientele.  It is also tremendously rewarding work, we would love to accompany you on your journey!