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VW#1 Black Volume Wefts Virgin Hair 100 grams


33" wide x 22" Long 3 Genius Wefts On 1 Track.  Virgin Hair 


Best Price Anywhere

No stacking of wefts, cut without unraveling, easy application.  Most guests need more than 1 weft per row, now you can apply in less time while satisfying your guests.  1 row for volume.

1 Pack for fine/medium hair full head offering both length and volume

2 Packs for thick hair.


Most brands only use Remy hair which means the cuticle is in one direction that prevents tangling.  Our hair is amped up, even more, virgin hair has the cuticle in-tact, flows in one direction, and comes from one person.

Very few hair extension suppliers offer volume wefts, Bellami hair does, and below is a side-by-side price comparison.  Our boutique brand keeps our prices low and we stock 22" hair that will not only offer maximum length and volume but can be cut to whatever length you desire.  As you know, most guests prefer longer hair.  

Volume Weft
Volume weft

Our price per 100 grams of volume wefts which is generally the right amount for the average person to add both length and volume.  


Veila Hair Volume Weft 100-gram pack                       $320 OUR PRICE

Bellami Hair Extensions per 100 gram weft                    $586

Kori Hair Extensions per 100 gram weft                          $637