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Top Products For Hair Extension Care

Top Products For Hair Extension Care

Top Products For Hair Extension Care

One of the most frequently asked questions is what hair extension products work best to keep your hair extensions healthy and long lasting.  Our Veila Hair Extensions are made of virgin hair extensions which is the best quality available, but also fragile. Below is a list of products that we highly recommend for our Pull-Thru method (that uses a crochet hook and silicon covered microbeads). Your hair extensions are only as good as your own hair, the below are top products we recommend for all hair textures and hair extensions.

For All Hair Textures

At one time, I created my own hair extensions shampoo, conditioner and leave in detangler, Length Goals is the closet to my creation and I highly recommend this product line.  My best advice is to avoid conditioner on the installation point of the hair extensions and applying mid shaft to ends of the hair.

 Total Results Length Goals by Matrix

Matrix offers a full line of hair care products formulated especially for hair extensions, keeping in mind that hair extensions are not your own hair and natural oils do not spread freely.  I find this product works best for clients with normal hair, not too oily or dry.

The shampoo is made of sulfate free void of harsh cleansers, but still offers a good cleansing.

The conditioner is paraben free, parabens not only damage and dry natural hair but destroy hair extensions.  There is silicone in the product which helps to detangle hair extensions without coating the strands of hair.  

Perfector Multi Purpose Styling Spray is a great leave in product which helps detangle hair extensions while offering a heat protectant for blow drying and when using thermal heat tools.  The combination of coconut oil & silicone works from inside of the hair cuticle keeping extensions and natural hair supple.

For Curly And Dry Hair With Hair Extensions

Truss Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner offers the same benefits as Matrix Total Results Length Goals with a bit more punch for those with natural dry hair.  Formulated in Brazil, Truss Miracle is created to combat humidity with a variety of humectant ingredients that lock in moisture!  It is a bit heavy on the hair so a little goes a long way.

Truss Amino Spray

One of my favorite leave-in products for all hair textures especially for dry hair.  Formulated with essential amino acids, Truss Amino Spray rebuilds hair from the inside out.  This is perfect to prevent breakage, kill the frizzies with the added benefit of a heat protectant for hot tools.  Most of my clients leave the salon with a bottle of Truss Amino Spray.  Use on damp or dried hair.

For Fine Dry Hair 

Dry Oil Spray is perfect for fine dull hair and will keep your hair extensions shiny too,  My pick is.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Dresser Oil although this leave in product works well on all hair textures from dry, normal to fine, I especially love it for fine hair since it is light and does not weigh down natural hair and hair extensions.  Use on dry hair after blow drying to increase shine, control frizzies with the added benefit of UV protection from the sun.  If your own hair is extremely fine, spray a little on your hands and work through.  You can spray directly on hair extensions from 6 to 10 inches away.  

This product is also "Cruelty Free" and not tested on Animals.  

We aim for your total customer satisfaction in using our Veila Hair extensions with our Pull-thru method. Good customer service starts with good advice. I hope you take my advice and try these products, feel free to interchange and test what works best on your own hair as well as your hair extensions. Feel free to comment below on products you love for hair extensions, we love to hear from you.


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