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Advice On Living With Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions

Advice On Living With Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions

Advice On Living With Veila Pull-Thru Extensions

You took the plunge and now have a full head (or partial head) of luxurious hair extensions; the fun begins! Most will find caring for hair extensions very easy, especially on days that they simply put hair up in a ponytail! Ponytail hair extensions can go from a casual look to a sassy style. Below are staples in caring for hair extensions and we will break down taking care of Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions. Most advice will help with caring for tape-in extensions and keratin hair extensions.

Tips & Tricks


Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions have small holes at the top of the hair extensions (the attachment area) it is best to avoid brushing this area, you can brush directly above the attachment area, your natural hair, and directly below the attachment. This method of brushing is essential to avoid opening the tiny holes and prevents moving the beads that are just below the attachment.  

Always Dry Your Hair

Natural hair is weakest when wet so after shampooing you can allow a little time before drying and then it is important to dry extensions. We apply for extensions in sections therefore, drying hair section by section is recommended. Using a hair clip to divide sections of hair and then drying from roots to ends is optimal or consider drying the attachment area and allowing the rest of the hair to air dry. Our virgin hair has a natural wave that can be amplified by using mousse, sea salt spray, or a curl activator.

How Often To Wash

It is important to wash hair often enough to prevent natural oil build-up. Natural oils or added oils break down the attachment of the extensions, oil build-up varies from person to person so most will shampoo every other day or two to three times per week. Thin hair tends to spread oil quicker than thicker hair and using a dry shampoo in between washes is fine to use.


Shedding is a natural process, human beings shed 100+/- strands per day. While wearing hair extensions the shedding stays above the extensions until they are removed and replaced. Once the extensions are removed the shedding is gently combed away. Many new hair extension wearers will often ask if shedding is hair loss and the answer is no. 

When Sleeping

Putting hair in a low ponytail or braid (without pulling too hard) is an easy way to prevent tangles especially for a restless sleeper. The key is to avoid tension which can not only be painful but will also cause extra tension that can cause breakage over time.


Yes, swimming is allowed but keep in mind chlorine damages natural hair and will dry out your hair extensions even more! If you do not want to wear a swim cap, rinse hair with fresh water before entering a pool this creates a bit of a barrier to help prevent chlorine from penetrating into the hair cuticle. Saltwater is a bit gentler on hair extensions, but can still dry out extensions.  

If your hair is in a ponytail and wet after swimming, be sure to let it down and allow it to air dry in the sun. Never leave your hair up wet since, as previously stated, hair is weakest when wet which will lead to breakage and dry ends. Also, the attachment area can weaken from water.

Styling Hair Extensions

As mentioned, drying hair with a hairdryer is perfectly fine. Thermal heat (hot tools) from a flat iron or curling iron not only damages natural hair but wreaks havoc on hair extensions. It is recommended to use a lower heat setting, using hair spray after curling your hair, and avoid re-curling hair once curled. Being kind to your extensions will allow them to last longer and look amazing.

Product Recommendations

1) Sulfate-free shampoo is far more gentle on hair extensions with the added advantage of preserving hair color. Avoid Shampoos with protein and essential oils.

2) Hair Conditioner that works well on your own hair will work well with hair extensions. Ask your stylist which products he/she recommends.

3). Leave-In Conditioner for the ends of the hair with a heat protectant will help your ends to stay supple and avoid drying out.

4). Dry Shampoo is great for days when your hair is oily and you are unable to shampoo.

5). A wet Brush for detangling or a wide-tooth comb is great to use after washing and conditioning.

6) Natural Boars Bristle Brush helps to keep your hair extensions luxurious.  

Feel free to comment or share your tips and tricks.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me by filling out our contact form.

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