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Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions Methodology

Veila Pull-Thru Methodology picture of our new method which allows you to pull client hair through holes very secure

Over my 25 year tenure of working with hair extensions at Noelle Salon of Boston, Massachusetts, I realized that some extension methods were not designed to preserve client's hair. The mission was to create a method that will not promote tension on natural hair, and offer the most amount of volume and length using the best quality virgin hair.  Veila Pull-Thru method was designed.

Unlike hand-tied hair extensions where a 33-inch weft of hair spans around the head, I chose to create 2 size sections (2) 2.75" wide for high hair follicle density areas such as the middle area of the head and (4) 1.75" wide for low-density areas such as above the nape of the neck, crown area and sides of the head. Human hair grows differently throughout the head and in different directions, therefore stacking wefts of hair across the head will inevitably lead to tension which will ultimately damage your client's hair follicles. With Veila, If your client decides to remove their hair extensions you can be assured you have not damaged their natural hair.

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Why The Pull-Thru Method

Hand-tied hair extensions and tape hair extensions are placed against the scalp, the first important lesson I learned as a hair extensionist is to never attach hair extensions directly on the scalp, instead, the hair extensions should be placed a bit away from the scalp to avoid tension on tender hair follicles. So we threw away the messy tape application, (which is miserable to remove & reapply), as well as hand tied hair sewing and designed a Pull-Thru method which allows you to target and pull hair through small holes, away from the scalp in the direction of hair growth. This leads to far less tension and little to no pressure on your client's hair.  

Removing and Reapplying

Veila Pull-Thru vs. Hand Tied Hair Extensions

With most methods of hair extensions the initial install is a lot easier to deal with versus the removal and reapplication of hair extensions. Unlike hand-tied hair, you do not risk cutting or damaging the client's hair or the weft when removing it. You will also find far less natural shedding since the Pull-Thru method offers less tension. Once reapplied you will need to remove an exorbitant amount of shedding (due to tension), pray the wefts are in good condition before starting the re-application process.  

Veila Pull-Thru vs. Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Extensions are offered in only one size 2.75" width, albeit this size can work for normal hair, the size is generally too large for other areas of the head. More importantly, the removal and reapplication process is tedious, and the alcohol-based solution is used to remove the tape tab, then you need to remove tape residue from your client's hair and the actual extensions. Once this process is done, re-taping is necessary to reapply. It is all too time-consuming and if you charge an hourly rate, your savvy clients will time you to ensure you do not overcharge.

Veila - Pull-Thru Method

What our customers love about our method is when removing you simply open up the folded hair section, remove the bead, and gently comb away far less shedding than the above mentioned methods. You can then remove & reapply your client's hair extensions section by section, there will be no guesswork as to where the extensions were originally placed.  

Why Veila Pull-Thru Method Is Better

Firstly, you can count on our virgin hair to withstand the test of time without matting and the attachment area is never subject to harsh chemicals when removing! The hair will be able to be reused since it is of superior quality and the attachment area will not be damaged. 

The tiny beads that secure the hair are hidden and protected in between the envelope of the hair extensions which will avoid slippage, they sit flat, very discreet and 90% more secure than other types of reusable hair extensions. No need to worry about twisting or slippage over time and your clients are able to wear their hair up.

Other Advice

Pulling hair through-holes may look simple, but there are many other factors to consider which is why it is so important to properly train and educate yourself in the Veila Pull-Thru method. Below are just a few things to know which will make your experience a good one. Remember to download and copy our hair care instructions for your clients.

1). Place the section just below the hair section so it will sit away from the scalp.

2) Pull hair through the holes in the direction of the hair growth to avoid tension and cross-over hairs. Be sure to pull enough hair through the holes to support the attachment.

3) Use the proper tools such as the beads, which are available on our site are silicone lined to avoid slippage, they are 3.5mm in size and the bead should never be placed too close to the wholes.  We offer a kit with hair extension tools; pliers and removal tools, the removal tool makes it easy to remove beads in record time without damaging the attachment and the pliers are the perfect size to clamp and close the bead.

4) Fine hair clients are always more challenging than those with medium to thick hair. I recommended using 2 silicone-lined beads in each pull-through area for extra security and avoid placing extensions too close to the top of the head.

Once again, please sign up for our Training and education program, contact us for questions and local training and you will. not be disappointed!  

Veila Hair Extensions (Pull-Thru) is backed by a great standard of customer service.
Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions