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Best Hair Extension Makeover

Best Hair Extension Makeover

Best Hair Extension Makeover

A few decades ago client's would enter my hair salon with a picture of a hair style cut out of a magazine, the problem was their own hair could never achieve the style! Today, we have hair extensions, some are good for the hair and other's causing major damage! We have built "a better mouse trap!" The Veila Pull-Thru method gives the most amount of hair per square inch of natural hair without damaging natural hair.  

As a hair artist and supplier of Veila Hair Extensions in the United States, I am constantly upping the ante by taking on clients with hair challenges, too short, too thick, too thin and even hair loss! Combining Virgin hair extensions with the help of our new method, I am able to some very dramatic hair extension makeovers - delivering high customer satisfaction. While hair care can be considered to be an art, the tools of the trade does make a difference. Below are some examples of some of my favorites.


The girl with short hair at the top and longer at the bottom due to hair loss

Best Hair Extension Makeover

Many people have hair loss in different areas of the head, the top being the most challenging. We were able to use our Veila Pull-Thru at the top of the head and carefully hide them in our client's hair creating a seamless blend. I would consider this to be one of the most challenging applications since perfect hair extension placement is key. Just carefully pull-thru some hair with the crochet hook, and use the silicon covered microbeads with our hair extension tools to attach the hair extension without tension or discomfort. My advice is to start at the top of the head using smaller pieces (1.25") of our Virgin hair extensions and add more hair extensions below each section of hair. I can not tell you how happy this client was when walking out the door.


The girl with thick short curly hair

This beautiful lady was tired of waiting for her own hair to grow, the top section of hair her was only 2 inches. Curly hair extensions come in a variety of curl patterns from beachy to tight curls. Our client wanted a smoother texture, so we did a Keratin Treatment which allowed us to relax her curl with out making her hair completely straight. Our virgin hair texture matched perfectly with her own hair since it has a natural wave. She loved the outcome and has reused her Veila hair extensions 4 times so far and they are still going strong!

Best Hair Extension MakeoverBest Hair Extension Makeover


The girl with fine hair

Fine hair is generally easy to fill in, but when it is super fine the challenge is to make the hair extensions undetectable. The trick is to add lots of hair below the crown as well as filling in the sides just above the ear. Since our hair extensions are offer more hair than most, fine hair fills in easy. Another key element is properly cutting and blending the hair extensions to to create a natural long layered look. Cutting hair extensions can not be done with traditional cutting shears, instead we use a razor to create a subtle blend. We offer application and cutting classes both virtually and in person, taking advantage of our Veila Hair extension education  is a great idea.

Best Hair Extension Makeover


Every stylist looks forward to delivering good customer service, giving their clients an outstanding transformation. You, too, can stand out from other hair stylist's by using our Veila Pull-Thru method with Virgin hair extensions, we would love to hear from you! We are always here to answer any questions you have.


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