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What Type of Hair Extension is Best For Your Hair?

What Type of Hair Extension is Best For Your Hair?

What Type of Hair Extension is Best For Your Hair?

There are a lot of options out in the market today, and we can easily describe each one in its lamens terms when it comes to hair extensions. Clip-ins are the easiest and most affordable type, while sewn in are one of the older types of hair extensions. Tape-in extensions are one of the most popular ones that are carried by Bellami Hair which does a decent job. But when it comes to your own hair, even if it is the first time, you would want to make sure you treat yourself with the best human hair extensions with the right color match that will give you a natural hair look?

When shopping for your hair, it is best to see how you can get the result you want by understanding your choices. Sure, your hairstylist will have their recommendations, however, knowing what's best for you independently will give you the knowledge to have a wise decision in what you are investing in. Getting the right look takes a little study.

Your Natural Hair Journey

Whatever spurs the desire to give yourself a treat with hair extensions, there are two key considerations you should take in. How they attach and the type of hair you get. When wearing the right combination, it will give you a great look all the while feel natural. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having your hair extensions tug at your scalp, making it difficult to remove for maintenance or the hair extensions looking tired and ravaged by the elements.

Human Hair

There are two types of human hair extensions, Virgin Hair and Remy Hair. Remy Hair is human hair that's been extracted from the donor with the cuticles still intact. Virgin Hair is unprocessed by any chemicals with the donor. The hair has received no chemical treatments of any kind, no coloring, no heat that would stress and damage the hair. This is the highest quality of hair extensions and can last up to a year with proper maintenance. 100% Remy Human Hair requires research on what treatments the donor undertook before they turned into hair extensions, then to see if they come into tape in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions. For a lengthy look, you should aim for 22inch to 24 inches in length as a minimum if you are looking to style your extensions.

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The Attachment Method

If you are looking for the best method for both maintenance, comfort in wearing your hair, and overall look and style - Pull-thru is the way to go. Pull-thru takes your existing hair with a crochet hook to retrieve it on the other side for a silicon microbead to attach it. When doing so, the tension is easily controlled so as to ensure comfort and ease of hair care. With Virgin hair, you get the choice of any styling you are looking to do, blended with your natural hair, the results are predictable and amazing.

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High-quality hair requires a minimum of maintenance to give you a lasting look. Your hair salon will give you how many weeks you can go between maintenance visits. If you have gone with a full head styling of extensions, then the right products will be shown to you in between maintenance to apply and use. Keep in mind, that hair growth is ongoing, which is what triggers the maintenance to reset their attachment points and proper tension.


Your hair comes in various conditions where accommodating hair extensions can be challenging - thin hair, damaged hair, color-gone-wrong you name it! Taking on hair extensions does apply additional weight to your existing hair. Virgin hair being untreated means it will be lighter, with a natural look and sheen to it. The Pull-thru method with its microbeads leaves no trace when removed or adjusted which makes maintenance pain-free and allows your naturally growing hair to not be stressed by tape-in, clip-in, or other methods of holding their hair extensions in. Keep in mind that while Virgin is the best hair being at a higher cost, replacing lower quality hair may end up costing more due to having to replace your extensions more often. When it comes to the overall look, and feel of natural hair, Virgin hair is going to give you the best results, and with the Pull-thru method, it will be the best experience too. Enjoy your hair, don't compromise if you can help it.